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Cat & Genny Training


1/2 Day


12 Candidates

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for those delegates that are involved in any type of excavation work on Roads, Construction Sites, Parks, and Industrial Estates etc.


To train delegates on the correct use of common location equipment for locating underground services. It also covers the identification of common services and methods used to locate services that are not located with the equipment.



By the end of the course candidates will be able to:

  • Understand what regulations and Codes of Practice apply.

  • Correctly use common location equipment.

  • Correctly identify samples of common services.

  • Understand the benefit of Permit Systems.

  • Identification of services from drawings.

  • Carry out a survey and produce a sketch of services found.

  • Safe digging practices.


Training methods

Classroom based training with practical demonstration. Candidates will also put into practice what they have learned by carrying out a survey with the location equipment and producing a sketch.


  • Health & Safety at Work Act/ Order

  • HSE G47 Guidance Document

  • Equipment operators manual


Additional Information

Candidates should bring suitable Personal Protective Equipment such as Safety Boots, Helmet, Gloves, Hi-Vis Coat or Vest.

For training held at customers premises please ensure that a suitable room with tables and chairs is available. Also an outside area is required for candidates to locate live services.

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