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EZE Shoring

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£125 plus VAT

Course length

8 Hours

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EZE Shoring


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About the course

This 1 day Training course covers the following:

Introduction to EZE proprietary Shoring Systems

Legislation & Guidance

Why Support Excavations, Dealing with Water & Ground Types and Conditions.

Risk Assessment & Temporary Works Designs

Use, inspection & removal of EZE Shoring

The course consists of theory and practical sessions, and can be accredited by EUSR as an endorsed product or in house certification valid for 3 years. Or can be covered as part of a full course.

The course will have a theory test and a practical assessment at the end of the day.

We can also carry out demonstrations as required on request.

Courses are run on req​uest

If you would like further information please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements

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