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EUSR Category 2 - Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices

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£125 plus VAT

Course length

8 Hours

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EUSR Category 2 - Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices


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About the course

The one day course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.

Course objectives
Underground legislation and guidance pertaining to underground services. Examples are: HSG47, HSWA 1974, HSG150, EUSMUNC06 and EUSEPUS044
Interpret utility drawings and line search documents
Demonstrate usage of cable location devices (Cat & Genny) in order to locate utility services
Identify the dangers and hazards associated with carrying out ground survey detection
Accept the limitations of underground utility detection equipment and drawings
Grasp the true costs of utility 'strikes' to contractors, stakeholders and wider society

Who will benefit?
Managers, supervisors, safety professionals and/or operatives who are required to oversee and/or carry out work employing underground services detection devices.

Individuals who need to understand utility drawings and/or employ service detection equipment in order to successfully locate a wide variety of underground services.

EUSR photo id card with qualification stated on back of card
Plant and Safety Training certificate

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