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Slinger / Signaller



4 days


About the Course

Slinger Signaller


Identify & explain relevant information relating to lifting accessories and match to certification. Ensure that the area of operation is suitable for lifting activities. Estimate weights and centres of gravity Select appropriate lifting accessories for different types of loads. Sling various loads including balanced, unbalanced and loose. Guide various loads and place accurately including to and from confined and 'blind' areas. Carry out lifts according to given instructions. Use different forms of communication. Keep within safe working parameters. Return lifting accessories to storage. Recognise different types of lifting accessories and their applications


1 Day (Experienced Operator)

2 Days (Novice)


This course aims to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the operational, and safety requirements together with the necessary operational skills applicable to Slinger Signaller. This course is applicable to novices or experienced operators requiring scheme re-assessment.

Teaching Methods

Classroom (Powerpoint, Handouts, Videos,Written Question Paper)

Practical (Demonstrations, Hands on, Assessment of Competence)

Carrying out visual pre-use checks of the lifting accessories
Attaching the load to the crane correctly and in accordance with the lifting plan
Giving the appropriate signals to the crane operator for the lifting, transferring and positing of loads in a safe manner
Detaching the load from the crane
Ensuring that the lifting accessories are stored correctly and reporting any defects
Working safely at all times

Your Instructor

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