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Telescopic handler 360 Roto




5 days


About the Course

Roto Telehandler Through a combination of targeted 360 slew telehandler training and experience, an individual with the 360° telehandler will be able to:

- Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a plant operator.
- Manoeuvre in confined spaces. Follow given signals. Configure & set for lifting, loading & transferring duties.
- Lift & place suspended & fork-mounted loads under blocked, free-on-wheels & pick-and-carry duties.
- Maintain safe working areas.
- Name & explain the purpose of principal components, the basic construction, controls & terminology
- Attach & remove various attachments, including hoist-rope for the movement of suspended loads.
- Lift, transfer & place fixed-hook suspended loads upto max extension, at full working height & using full slewing capabilities.
- Conform with manufacturer requirements and relevant regulations/legislation. Undertake all pre-use checks
- Lift & remove various loads up to full extension and working height. Transfer & place loads accurately.
- Lift, transfer & place hoist-rope suspended loads upto max extension, at full working height & using full slewing capabilities.
- Travel over level surfaces with & without loads, on rough, undulating ground and inclines.
- Explain basic principles of the slinging of loads, and incorrect methods for attaching suspended loads.
- Explain how stability is affected by travelling with extended boom & rotated upper structure. - Maintain safe working situations.

Activity Instructions (A77):

- Complete all manufacturer’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the excavator for travel
- *Forks* Lift load & place at ground level at an indicated point using full reach (horizontal) of the telehandler.
- *Hoist Rope* Place load onto the vehicle bed. Lift load at max radius and slew through 200° & land load within 2m of machines max radius.
- Prepare and set the telehandler for each lift. Fit the relevant attachment.
- *Forks* Lift load & reverse in a straight line for at least 20m, passing through a restriction at the end of the run.
- *Hoist Rope* Lift load & simulate a concrete pouring exercise by travelling the load in a straight line (min 6m) and land load at given place.
- *Forks* Travel up & down the slope, over rough terrain & pass through a chicane. Stop & restart on incline (loaded).
- *Suspended Loads* Lift & place load at given point below ground level or behind a structure. - Create stack at given location.
- *Hoist Rope* Position machine so that stabiliser footprint is 2m from base of tower & lift load (75% radius), slew 90° & place on tower.
- *Forks* High lift & retrieve load. Lorry loading & unloading. Stack 3 loads vertically & destack.
- *Hoist Rope* Lift load from min to max radius in relation to load. Lift load & reverse for 10m and pass through a restriction.
- Remove the hook / hoist rope & return the machine ready for fork-use. Park the machine & carry out shut-down & securing procedures.

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